For people without disabilities,technology makes things easier.

For people with disabilies,technology makes things possible.

MTS360 LLC and Sensamove.

At MTS360 LLC, innovative technologies and superior service is our benchmark.

Our comprehensive technical expertise and quality management systems allows us to provide to the customer the latest Medical Technologies and ensure the highest level of customers support.

We have years of experience working with domestic and foreign start-ups as well as established companies. We have been fortunate to work with pioneers in new technologies as well as large corporate clients who required our unique skills.

Long lasting partnership with Sensamove Company is an example of success in creating the product that is so necessary for balance training. Products of Sensamove company had been sold in 24 counties across the globe.

Now MTS360 has the rights not only to active participation in development of the products , but also manufacturing and distribution in USA.

Sensamove and MTS360 wants to encourage exercising by making it more fun,exciting and its results readily measurable. Our mission is to make balance training more enjoyable and understandable. More fun for your client, transparent for you. We do this by adding biofeedback technology to balance products.

Sensbalance Therapy Cushion

Sensbalance MiniBoard

Senscoordination Cervical Trainer 3D