For people without disabilities,technology makes things easier.

For people with disabilies,technology makes things possible.

NMC Tests

NMC Tests means Neuro Muscular Control tests, and it consists of a number of fully adjustable balance tests. The software calculates up to what point the person is able to perform within the outlines of the exercise, and it will give a score per test. The tests and their duration can be adjusted. Individually applicable and very handy! Once it is adjusted, the same test can be repeated by just pushing a button. Time and results are easy to compare with previous tests. Within this module, we find the following balance tests:

  • Static Balance test (with visual feedback)
  • Static Balance test (without visual feedback)
  • Dynamic Balance test – Left/right
  • Dynamic Balance test – Front/behind
  • Dynamic Balance test – Cross/diagonally
  • Dynamic Balance test – Ring
  • Dynamic Balance test – Circle

NMC Tests works both with the Therapy Cushion as the MiniBoard, as well as with the 3D Cervical Trainer.

Tilt View & Pen View

In the case of the 3D Cervical Trainer, these exercises can be done both in Tilt View (Flection-Extension, Lateral Flection) and in Pen View (Flection Extension, Axial Rotation).

Fully adjustable balance exercises

During exercises, the cursor and the movement track can be made visible if so desired. The duration of each test can be set from 10 to 240 seconds. Every exercise can be adapted based on dimensions, orientations or relative distance to the middle. Each test can be turned into a proprioception exercise by turning off all visual feedback. Afterwards, a view of the movement track is available.

Test results

At the end of each test, the full movement track is automatically shown. Combined with a graphic view of the movement data and the different performance scores, this gives a sharp insight into Neuro Muscular Control.

NMC Tests Brochure

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